What's Your Inner Voice Telling You

Sit in quiet reflection today when you can and try to listen to your inner voice. What's it saying? What are you hearing? What's it trying to tell you?

All too often, we forget to listen to that inner voice and what it's trying to tell us. Call it your gut, your intuition, or universal guidance, your inner voice acts as an insanely powerful GPS to guide the decisions you make—whether that’s following the internal nudges to ditch your corporate job and sign up for yoga teacher training or just knowing when you need more sleep in your life. You just have to learn how to tap into your intuition and then act on those whispers, even when they seem to make no logical sense. 

First, create space for your inner voice. Find the time and place that's right for you. Whether you sneak away for a brisk nature walk or meditate in your favorite chair in the corner, incorporating more quiet time into your day to just be present and listen to what’s coming up for you will make all the difference. 

Next, whether you realize it or not, your inner voice has a pattern. It will usually speak to you in similar ways so that you can learn to tune into it. Notice how your intuition has popped up for you in the past by remembering a time where you felt pulled to do something for no logical reason. Or, maybe you had an inner knowing telling you not to go somewhere and later found out some drama went down. 

Learning how to listen to your inner voice can be as simple as setting the intention every day to tap into it and see what it has to say. That willingness to listen to it, is sometimes all you need to awaken your awareness of your inner voice. 

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