We are two soul sisters that share the same passion about so many things in life.  We grew our friendship when we worked together in the corporate world, which is how we met. Our  talks about skincare and how hard it was to find good, healthy, affordable products that actually work and are sustainable, fair trade and organic, is really how it all began.

Katie, a holistic esthetician and massage therapist, has spent the last two decades working at world-class spas on Maui. She has trained with the top brands in the industry and she uses a holistic approach, such as diet, stress levels, what you put on your skin and how you talk to yourself, to what your skin needs.  You can book a consultation with Katie.  Just contact us above.

Jennifer is an aromatherapist, yoga teacher and world traveler. As an avid lover of all things skincare, she has been using oil on her skin for two decades, way before it became popular!  With her creative spirit, she started formulating her own concoctions as a fun little hobby that is now a full time gig.

Our brand is unique because we approach skincare from the inside, too.  We believe in the concept of beautiful self-talk and self-love.  When you talk to yourself with love and compassion, it shows on the outside and shines thru your skin.  We decorate our bottles with mantras, or affirmations, that remind us that we are beautiful, worthy, loved, enough, strong, radiant!

Made on Maui with warm aloha